Born in Pennsylvania, I am a military brat and a retired veteran who grew up all around the world, moving every three years until I landed in Hampton Roads, Virginia. After fifteen years in the ever growing metropolis, I found my solace in the tiny town of Newsoms. In need of redirection, I found wellness through creativity while using art making as a form of expressive self healing.

In one life-altering move, I enrolled in Tidewater Community College (TCC) in 2018, the beginning of a six year journey to a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. After graduation from TCC in 2020 with an Associate of Applied Arts, with an emphasis in Pre art therapy, I am continuing my education at Chowan University in North Carolina.

I believe the creation of art is life enhancing and spiritually healing. As a mixed media artist I am able to apply the healing arts to my own life, and soon, as an art therapist, I will guide individuals in the exploration of their artwork, looking for themes and conflicts that may be affecting their thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Newsoms, VA